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The School of the Good Shepherd Board acts as an advisory board to the Parish Priest and the Principal on matters concerning the development and promotion of the school.

The Board meets each month. Their primary functions are:

  • strong conviction and commitment to the ideals beliefs & practices that are integral to the School of the Good Shepherd.
  • planning for the future and ensuring that the parish school/s can accommodate future school enrolments.
  • developing school/community relationships and encouraging home/school interaction.
  • supporting the parish/school in practical ways, such as ensuring that the school facilities & equipment are maintained.
  • ratifying school policy in conjunction with the Parish Priest, school staff & parents.
  • having representation on the Parish Education Board.
  • seeing a wider understanding and support for Catholic Primary & Secondary Schools.
  • promoting & supporting parent education.
  • assisting the Principal in assessing priorities for spending.
  • each member takes on a role of advocacy, both within the school and wider community & that each member is thereby provided with professional development adequate to support them in this role.

Nominations to the School Board are called for in February each year and elections are held. Notification of nominations and elections will be sent to each family via the school newsletter.

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