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The Positive Behaviour Management Program at School of The Good Shepherd is focused on making choices and is a whole school, positive approach to behaviour management.

Positive recognition of good behaviour and following of rules is encouraged, rewarded and an important part of the program. Positive Behaviour Management provides a consistent structure used by all staff in any situation.

The students are very knowledgeable about the school rules and the predictability and structure of the program ensure consistency, which is beneficial to all students. It recognises that disruptive, inappropriate behaviour hinders teaching and learning, a basic right of all learners. The program is based on the six school rules, positive recognition and consequences.

Our school rules are:

  • Follow directions
  • Listen to the speaker and do not interrupt
  • Speak appropriately and use your manners (no swearing, yelling or put-downs)
  • Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself
  • Always move safely
  • Look after and take care of all property
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