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I warmly welcome you to School of the Good Shepherd. Our motto, ‘Known by Your Name’ reflects our school values and is inspired by the story  of Jesus the Good Shepherd. We pride ourselves on being a community that values BELONGING, COMPASSION and GROWTH.

Together as families, students, staff and parish community we work towards an educational partnership that encompasses those values, nurturing all learners to achieve their best.

We believe that our Catholic identity is central to who we are as a school community. We believe that exploring and knowing our rituals and tradition will deepen our relationship with God and with those around us.

At School of The Good Shepherd, we believe in educating and valuing the whole person by developing students spiritually, physically, socially, emotionally and academically. We work hard to challenge our students across a wide variety of curriculum areas, whilst differentiating our curriculum to recognise the needs of each individual child.

We believe that students learn best when they are in a safe environment that fosters resilience, collaboration, risk taking, problem solving and having confidence in asking questions. We encourage curious learners who want to know more about their world.  We are a school with a powerful student centered learning vision.

We continue to strive towards a creative learning environment that is flexible, adaptable and underpinned by high expectations of achievement for each individual, so that they are prepared to face their future with confidence. We ensure all learning is visible, so students are the drivers of their own learning.

We welcome you to a school that we are proud to be a part of and look forward to
both you and your child enriching our community further.

Mrs Carmela D’Amato

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