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“Parents have a particularly important role to play in the educating community, since it is to them that primary and natural responsibility for their children’s education belongs.”

Congregation for Catholic Education 1997

At School of The Good Shepherd we value our entire school community, made up of links to parish, parents/caregivers, students and staff. We believe in building positive relationships with our community so as to build a true sense of belonging, ownership, agency and collaboration. There are many ways that we develop our sense of belonging and shared knowledge and understanding.

We utilise various tools and strategies to communicate with our families and the wider community, each with a specific purpose.

At School of the Good Shepherd we believe that the partnership between parents and the school is a vital component for learning success.

Parents are invited to participate at School of the Good Shepherd through a variety of activities. All our parent helpers are required to hold a WWC (Working with Children Check) card and must have attended a Volunteer Workshop and then signed our Volunteer Pack.

Some of the ways that parents can be involved are:

  • Classroom helpers
  • Excursions
  • Parents and Friends Association
  • Clubs such as the Garden Club
  • Sports Activities
  • Special activity days- such as Cultural Diversity Day, Personal Safety Day
  • Canteen Helpers
  • Hot Food Days
  • Guest Speakers in specialised areas
  • Working bees- eg. putting displays up
  • Art Show

School of the Good Shepherd seeks to provide a safe, open and friendly learning environment for all staff, students and actively values and encourages volunteers and visitors.

To achieve this, the school has developed guidelines to effectively inform, monitor and manage volunteers and visitors that must be applied at all times.

All visitors to the school are required to sign in using the iPad at the main office and wear a visitor sticker on the school premises. They are then required to sign out upon leaving the school property.

This procedure applies to contractors, volunteers and visitors who may attend the school site at any time. All visitors and volunteers are required to report to the school’s administration office prior to gaining entry to the school site.

Parents needing to collect their child during school hours must report to the office. The school office will then organise for your child to meet you in the office.

Download the School of Good Shepherd Annual Report

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