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At School of The Good Shepherd we work collaboratively to support each child both academically and emotionally.

This can mean working together with internal and external professionals and support services. Social Emotional Learning is taught to ensure students both learn about and have the skills, strategies and language to be at their best. Our Learning Dispositions and Visible Learner characteristics explicitly highlight what effective learners are and do, and these are core to everything we do at School of The Good Shepherd.

A wide range of services and supports, both internal and external, are available to our families. These include:

  • Our Wellbeing leader
  • Our Student Wellbeing Group (SWSG)
  • Psychologists- onsite and external providers
  • Occupational Therapists- onsite and external providers
  • Catholic Education Melbourne(CEM) Services-Speech Pathologists, Learning Consultants etc
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